Calling all Coaches

Do you have what it takes to be build a roster and coach your team to a championship? This is not fantasy football. This is real. Are you up for the challenge? 
The AFFL is looking for candidates who understand football and are ready to make a commitment to creating a team that shows up with heart, soul, and talent in the Summer of 2020.  
Last year James DiVirgilio, Danny Wuerffel and Mike Vick turned a dozen talented strangers into Florida Fury, a great football team. In 2020 we want to give 4 teams that same opportunity to see what they can do with the right blend of passion and preparation.
Tell us why you’re qualified to be one of the first professional flag football coaches by emailing us at with the subject line COACH. You can send words, pictures and/or videos — whatever you think will best make your case.   
Thanks for being a part of the AFFL and the flag football community. And good luck! 

2020 AFFL Season Membership