Who created the dip?!

Terrance Bunting VS Corey Webb

As a flag football fan and player I have always been amazed when a player is running full speed and out of nowhere they are ass to grass…somehow evading flag pulls at full speed. Not many people have had the opportunity to witness it, but those who have know that the dip is an evasive and game-changing move.

I decided to interview a couple of players that I have personally seen dip in a game, Terrance Bunting and Corey Webb. Both claim to have created and mastered the move!


Is it difficult?

It’s not difficult for me because I invented/created this dip movement. Anyone who has seen it, tried it, and can successfully do it says its a hell of a move. Most people don’t try it because they don’t want to blow out their knees! Others who have tried either don’t have the leg power to come out of it or fall when they try. You have found the few that have caught on and added the dip as a strength to their style of play. #creator….
Terrance Bunting
Fighting Cancer
To me it’s not difficult but I taught the whole nation how to dip! There are only a few people in the nation that can dip. Some people call, text, or DM me about it. I just want everybody to be great at it and pass my move on!
Corey Web
The Strong Island Bull Dogs
See the move for yourself!

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