The AFFL is optimistic that the 2020 Season will occur as planned and will be nationally televised. The league’s top priority is the safety of our players, fans, and staff and we will communicate with you if there are any changes. Please see below on developments we have with our Men’s and Women’s registration and Pro Team tryouts.
For more information and updates on the coronavirus and how to stay safe, please visit the CDC Website.

Pre-Register your team today!

Team Captain's & Coach's only

Pre-Registration is required if you wish to participate in one of our Regionals.

Please note: we do not require payment during Pre-Registration, payment is only required once your team is accepted and Registration is open.


*If you are a player, please have your Captain or Coach Pre-Register your team and they will send you a private link to Register as a Player. 

*We are not accepting pre-registrations from Free Agents/Individual Players. See below how you can indicate interest to play as a Pro. 


The completion of this online Pre-Registration form does not guarantee acceptance.

Pre-Registration is required if you wish to participate in one of our Regionals. You will be notified when Registration is open. Only teams of 10-14 players will be eligible.  


Once Registration is open, Teams will be accepted on a rolling basis (first come, first served). You are considered Registered once the entry fee is paid in full through our online service.

If your team is playing at a Regional, that means you have:

1)      Completed the captains Pre-Registration;

2)      Added at least 10 Players to your roster (up to 14);

3)      Been notified you are off the waitlist;

4)      Received access to Registration;

5)      Registered and paid the entry fee;

6)    Ensured that all Players signed the waiver and are AFFL Members.


2020 AFFL Season Membership