• Who can play?
    Anyone 18 or older can register to play, including women. To be eligible for the 2019 season, EVERY player must complete an application in its entirety.  This includes free agents. The more information you provide, the better we can assess your individual and/or your team’s history and skill. Only 128 teams will be participating in the 2019 AFFL season.  Admission is on a rolling basis and the application will close once 128 teams have been selected.
  • How do I register myself or my team to play?
    Participants can apply at https://www.affl.com/player-application/
  • Do I need a team to register?
    No, individual participants can register as free agents to be recruited by existing teams.
  • What is the deadline to register?
    Registration to play in the AFFL’s 2019 season opened on January 17th and will close once the final team is selected.

  • Are there any fees associated with registering?
    If your team has been selected, it will be required to pay a $900 participation fee.
  • How do I know if my team was selected?
    Teams will be selected at AFFL’s sole discretion.
  • What do I do as a free agent?
    Free agents must go through the same application process and select that they do not have a team.  Free agents will remain available for pick-up by team captains throughout the season.
  • How many people can I have on my team?
    Roster Size:

    1. Teams need at least 10 players to be accepted, and can have at most 15 players on a roster, but a team can only have 12 active players per day (not per game)
    2. Once a team is accepted, it cannot remove any of its players, but it can add additional players until April 1, 2019
  • Can teams make roster changes?
    1. After regionals, a team is allowed to add up to four (4) players provided that player has not played against the team picking him up in an elimination game.
    2. After the round of 16, if a team has not used all four (4) moves, they are allowed one (1) move for the remainder of the Tournament including the final game. To avoid confusion, if a team elects to add zero (0) players in between regionals and Round 1 (the round of 16), it would still only have one (1) move for the remainder of the Tournament.
    3. If a team elects to add a player and already has 15 players on its roster, it must remove (cut) one member from its roster.
  • Can I switch teams?
    If a team is eliminated from the tournament, the players from that eliminated team can be added to an active team’s roster.
  • Will the AFFL cover traveling fees for teams?
    Teams advancing to the next round will be awarded prize money, which can be used for travel expenses
  • What are the cash prizes?

    • Regional Winners: $7,500 per team
    • Round 1 Winners: $10,000 per team
    • Round 2 Winners: $10,000 per team
    • Round 3Winners: $20,000 per team
    • Round 4 Winner: $50,000 per team
    • Round 5 Winner: $1,000,000
  • When/where are the regionals?
    Regionals: (subject to change)

    • Nashville, TN – April 27-28
    • Orlando, FL – May 4-5
    • Baltimore, MD – May 11-12
    • Round Rock, TX – May 18-19
    • Irvine, CA – May 18-19
    • Greater NYC – June 1-2
      The application has a section for your first and second regional preference and we will try our best to accommodate requests.16 of the 128 teams will make it to the playoffs.Most of the playoff rounds will be on NFL Network.
  • When/where are the playoffs?
    • Locations TBD
    • Round 1 (Round of 16) – June 15-17
    • Round 2 (Round of 8) – June 23-25
    • Round 3 (Round of 4) – June 30-July 2
    • Round 4 (Round of 2) – July 11
    • Round 5 (Finals) – July 15

  • When does the 2019 season start?
    April 27, 2019
  • What is the tournament format?
    The regionals are 2 days.  Day 1 is a round-robin and day 2 is single-elimination.  The remaining rounds are single-elimination.
  • Can I go to any AFFL games as a spectator?
    Yes, all AFFL games will be open to the public. Ticketed games will be announced in early April.
  • Will any games be broadcast on TV?
    Yes, the AFFL will broadcast 11 games on the NFL Network including the playoff rounds and championship game.

  • For AFFL game rules, please visit our Game Rules page.